L’aide médicale au Vietnam
Région Centre

ADM Vietnam is a non-profit organization, founded in 1992 in Olivet (near Orléans, France). ADM has received the approval of PACCOM (People's Aid Coordinating Committee), a vietnamese Governmental Agency which coordinates and supervises the activities of associations and NPOs working in Vietnam.

ADM Vietnam is an independent organization and free of politic and religious affiliations.



 Assist health professionals in Vietnam to improve the quality of health care, through various actions:

 - direct material assistance (equipment, supplies, drugs, etc..)

 - educational assistance (documents, books, newspapers, etc.).

 Promote cultural exchanges and Francophonie:

* Training,

* Lectures, workshops, medical conferences, etc..

* Exhibitions, screenings of documentaries, conferences, etc..

 Promote local training in Vietnam qualified health professionals

  by awarding scholarships to deserving students.


* Membership fees, donations and sponsorships.

* Grants from public or private organizations for specific actions,

   developed through mutual agreement.


The criterias considered are:

* Concern for the environment

* The powers of the association and local skills

* Willingness to succeed

* Self-funding for trips

* Ability to demonstrate empathy and sympathy

* Quick adaptation to rapidly evolving situations

* Monitor, support and install local equipment.


ADM Vietnam is ready to cooperate with others NPOs, sharing our goals

ADM Vietnam has three satellites:

  ADM Aquitaine (Bordeaux)

  ADM Normandie (Caen)

  ADM Rhône-Alpes (Lyon)


HEAD STAFF (elected in April 2013)

  President: Dr Tran Manh Cuong

  Vice-President: Yann Duchatel

  Secretary: Martine Sinzelle

Contact us:

by mail:


  BP 243

  45162 Olivet Cedex


by email:

by phone:

from France: 06 25 27 83 39

from outside: +33 625 27 83 39

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